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Launched in 2019, in our corporate store of Neuchâtel, the concept of Happy Bowl is based on a simple idea : offer an indulgent but healthy poke bowl selection, produced with the best ingredients that nature can offer.

The best adventures are human. The story of LOBSTA starts with Fabien Bonnaud in New York. By chance, he ordered a lobster roll, wondering what it could be.

The lobster roll has been a famous dish in North America for over 100 years, from Connecticut to Nova Scotia.
At LOBSTA, this means lobster meat served in a handmade brioche bun, toasted and buttered with Isigny butter from Normandy.
It comes in the classic form or in unique variations, in salads or on open-faced sandwiches, depending on the chef’s inspiration: LOBSTA means lobster, street-food style: an authentic moment of delight at any time of day.

The LOBSTA concept can be operated through different formats: from a 15sqm format to the flagship store format of 120sqm.


25 k CHF

6% of royalties


Franchise contract of 5 years.


From 50sqm, high street 


16 Shops located in Switzerland 

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