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Immersive... It's a life-sized video game, halfway
between laser game and escape room...

Man holding Olives

Born in Switzerland, LaseRed is the first concept that combines Laser Game & Escape Room. Experience the action of a Laser Game, the puzzle-solving of an Escape Game, and the immersion in an adventure worthy of a blockbuster action movie, all in one!

Have you always dreamed of robbing a bank, joining special forces and thwarting a bomb attack, escaping from a high-security prison, or embodying a detective and investigating the secrets hidden in a mysterious mansion? Then LaseRed is made for you

Each game is unique! The more you master a map, the more interesting your games will be. So feel free to revisit the spaces you've already discovered. The codes and puzzles are regularly changed so that both beginners and experienced players can enjoy each session.

We also offer different game modes besides the main scenario, such as Battle Royale mode where you must be the last survivor, Nemesis mode where you must challenge a powerful boss, or even modes like Evil Resident, Classic LaserGame, CS Bomb, or DeathMatch.


To be confirmed


Franchise agreement of 5 years.


From 200 sqm


Open for worldwide development

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