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Unique and Generous...

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L’Éclair de Génie is a luxury pastry shop that offers all variations of
the eclair. From classic chocolate flavors to fruity seasonal ones, for
Christophe Adam, the eclair is «an inexhaustible source of creations in terms of both taste and design»
At L’Éclair de Génie, we have a consuming passion for new projects!
What most characterizes Christophe Adam, this passionate and avantgarde creator, is his thirst to offer unique and customized products.
From the products to the stores, the Chef reveals a «haute couture»
image where creativity, aestheticism and quality are the key words.
Christophe Adam is constantly looking for new opportunities and offers a real gustatory interlude to a demanding clientele. The pastry Chef takes great care in the selection of the ingredients that make up his pastries.
He makes products of noble origin his first choice and does not hesitateto put forward the Made in France like for example the salt of Guérande,essential ingredient to the realization of his famous caramel. Through his creations, Christophe Adam invites you to travel, while remaining in Paris where his laboratories are located.


To be confirmed


Franchise agreement of 5 years.


From 80sqm, high street or Mall


Open for worldwide development

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