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Lasan T
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And what if quitting smoking became simpler?

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With the LaSan-T Stop Tobacco method, achieve cigarette withdrawal naturally, painlessly, and without withdrawal symptoms.

The treatment through laser therapy and acupressure immediately addresses the tobacco withdrawal sensation. We balance and stimulate the meridians to help you quit smoking quickly and permanently.

After two decades of operating our concept through our four clinics, LaSan-T Stop Tobacco has developed real expertise and a strong brand image. Today, the brand is sufficiently seasoned to continue its development through the franchise model.

Becoming a franchisee within our brand means, above all, joining a human adventure with strong values. We have created a comprehensive concept to support our franchisees in every stage of entrepreneurship, from opening the clinic to administrative management and the treatment of initial patients.

"When I opened my first clinic, I simply wanted to help people quit smoking by offering them tailored treatment with personalized follow-up. That was in 2005, and today, that desire is still just as strong. The many years of experience have allowed me to help numerous patients break free from tobacco addiction."
Sandrine Gross, Founder of LaSan-T Stop Tobacco clinics


21'000 CHF


 5 years franchise agreement


15 sqm


 Development in Switzerland only

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